Affidavit of the runner

to participate in the ALS charity run - memorial of Jan Svočák

1) Participation in the event

I declare that I have no health problems and that I am fit enough to start in this running event, which I am participating in voluntarily on my own responsibility. I got acquainted with the terms and conditions of the event  and at the event I will follow and respect the organizational regulations and instructions of the organizers. I am fully aware that I bear all liability and risks associated with my participation in this event and for any damage to my health or property that occurs to me or that I cause to the organiser, event partners or any third parties involved in the event. I declare that in the event of injury or damage to my health or property, I will not claim such damage from the organiser or any third parties. 

2) Running in full traffic

I declare that I am familiar with Act No. 8/2009 Coll. (Act on Road Traffic and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts), in particular with the following sections:

§ 2 (1) For the purposes of this Act, road traffic means the use of motorways, roads, local roads and special purpose roads.
§ 2 (2) For the purposes of this Act, the following shall be further understood:

  • (f) a pedestrian is also a road user moving on foot,
  • i) by the wayside is the part of the road from the edge of the carriageway to the edge of the road,
  • x) roadway is a paved part of a road intended primarily for motor vehicle traffic

§ 52 (1) A pedestrian shall be obliged to use in particular the footpath on which he walks to the right. Where the pavement is missing or impassable, walk on the left-hand shoulder; where there is no shoulder or where the shoulder is impassable, walk as close as possible to the left edge of the road.
§ 52 (3) Pedestrians may walk on the shoulder or on the edge of the carriageway up to two next to each otherif they do not endanger or restrict road traffic, particularly in reduced visibility or increased traffic. In restricted visibility, pedestrians walking on the verge or on the edge of the road must wear visibly displayed reflective elements or wearing reflective safety clothing.
- § 53 (1) When crossing a road, a pedestrian shall use the pedestrian crossing, overpass or underpass. At a pedestrian crossing, walk to the right. A pedestrian shall not enter the carriageway if a vehicle with the right of way is approaching; if the pedestrian is on the carriageway, he shall without delay give such vehicle the right of way.
(3) Outside a pedestrian crossing it shall be permissible cross the carriageway only perpendicular to its axis. Pedestrians may cross the carriageway outside a pedestrian crossing only if, having regard to the distance and speed of oncoming vehicles, they do not cause their drivers to change direction or speed.
(4) Before stepping onto the roadway, the pedestrian must make sure that he can do so without danger, and shall not linger or stop on the carriageway for any reason once it has entered the carriageway. This applies both on and off the pedestrian crossing.

3) Processing of personal data

As a data subject within the meaning of § 11 of Act No. 136/2014 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, I give my consent to the civic association Športuj srdcom o.z., ID No.: 50817132, Terasová 15/627, Svit, 05921 to process my personal data for the purpose set out below. For the purposes of this consent, the term "Event" means the ALS Memorial Jan Svočák - Podtatranský cross half marathon. Defined purpose: registration and registration of participation in the Event, processing of the start and result list of the Event, creation of a runner's file/account (name and surname, title, street, postcode, country, nationality, date of birth, gender, email contact, telephone contact, insurance company, processing of the measurement of the achieved time at the Event, evaluation of the achieved time as a sporting performance at the Event, publication of the achieved time on the website and other social networks. I also give my consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending the results as well as information or organizational instructions and propositions to my e-mail address or telephone number before, during and after the event. I agree that my personal data may be disclosed to all third parties, partners and sponsors of the organiser. I also give full permission to the organisers to share my photos from the event on the website, social media for any third parties or partners and sponsors of the organiser.

I voluntarily give my consent pursuant to Act No. 136/2014 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended.

4) Change in the start list

After paying the entry fee for the "ALS Charity Run - Jan Svočák Memorial" it will not be possible to refund the entry fee! It will also not be possible to transfer the entry fee to another runner. Paid entry fee in case of non-participation in the event shall be forfeited to charity for gifted persons.

5) Rights of organisers

The organisers reserve the right to change and additions to the organizational regulations, instructions, event regulations, or cancellation of the event. 

6) Participant's declaration

By providing personal information when registering for the event, the participant declares that the personal data provided is correct, true and up-to-date, Otherwise, he/she shall be liable for any damage he/she may cause to the Event Organizer by providing incorrect, false or outdated information.