When and where?

  • Date: 25.3.2023 (Saturday)
  • Start time: 7:00
  • Registration closes: 12.3.2023/ until the limit is reached
  • Location: Svit (Koliba)
  • Parking: parking map
  • GPS: 49.059530, 20.198100
  • Evaluation: 14:00


  • Track: 45km +1800m elevation gain
  • Surface: 75% forest, 25% meadow
  • GPX file: spull
  • Refreshments: 5x (12th,27th,31st,37th,41st km)
  • Award: 3 best men/women
  • Price: 32€
  • He belongs to the scoring league: CMO, ITRA

Route map + elevation

als goat stone 45km

Mandatory equipment

  • own cup for drinking on the track and in the event area
  • jacket waterproof in bad weather
  • gloves and a buff/cap
  • vest s min. 0.5l hydrapak/bottle
  • trail shoes into the field
  • mobile to summon help
  • mini-pharmacy (elastic bandage, thermofoil)
  • Insurance (otherwise participation at own risk)
  • Recommended: whistle, drumsticks
als running recess

Visualisation of the track

Accommodation options

  • Pension Koliba (start/finish area) - limit of 90 runners who will be provided with a shower.
  • Hotel Avalanche (9km from the resort - 4th refreshment station)


Runners caught littering will be disqualified!

Our second project Sport with Heart o.z. is cleaning black dumps from waste under the name Smashers. As active runners often moving in nature, we could no longer look at the polluted environment in which we want to spend time and enjoy relaxation. Therefore, several times a year we get together and clean polluted areas around lakes, in rivers, forests, meadows but also along the roads. Since 2017 we have already collected over 1000 bags of litter. Clean nature is very important to us!


Time limit 7 hours to complete the route due to the provision of a hot meal at the finish. There will be an accompanying flag runner on the course who will run final time 7 hours, so if you're worried you can hold on to it tooth and nail 😀

The timekeeping will be secured by RFID chip wristbands. Since it is expensive to borrow this technology, (but we also place a premium on the quality of the event) we decided to create our own measurement system so that as much of your money as possible goes directly to the people who need it!

There will be chip sensors placed along the course as well as at the finish line, at which you will be required to "beep".


The run also includes collecting PET bottle tops, which can be brought on the day of the event until 13:00. Proceeds from dropping off PET bottle caps at the collection point are added to the event proceeds, which go in full each year to support people with muscular diseases.